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Bob Laubscher, the founder of Laubscher Cheese Company, was born and raised on a farm in Iowa. As a teenager, Bob and his family moved to Sugarcreek, Ohio where he first went to work at Broad Run Dairy learning the trade of making Swiss cheese. He then worked with Fred Schneiter at Sugar-Creek Dairy. Bob served his country for 4 years oversea during WWII, participating in Invasion Day at Omaha Beach. When Bob was discharged from the army, he was unsure if he wanted to go back into the cheese business. He worked briefly at a couple different jobs and quickly realized that he wanted to return to his calling, the cheese industry. Bob went on to work at Pleasant View Dairy, Champion Dairy, and Farmerstown Cheese. In the evenings, Bob washed cheese for several different factories, which consisted of taking each wheel off the shelf, washing the rind with a wet cloth and salt, and returning it back to the shelf.

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In 1952, bankers from Mercer, PA came to the Sugarcreek area looking for a cheese maker to run a new swiss plant. Bob moved his family to Fredonia, PA and took over running Fairview Swiss Cheese.

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After 5 years of cheese making, Bob decided to go into the wholesale business. That being said, in 1957 Laubscher Cheese Company came into being. Starting from scratch, Bob worked long hours to pick up customers, cut and package the cheese, and deliver the product. At 65 years old, Bob retired and son in law Gary Watts took over as president of the company. During retirement Bob still visited the plant every day. Bob passed away on June 17, 2008 and is forever loved and remembered by his family and friends. Kent McQuaid became president in 1990 and ran the business until he retired in June of 2020.

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Today the company is under the management of 3rd generation grandson, Kevin Watts. 4th generation is also active in the company. Laubscher Cheese remains a thriving operation with 40 employees working between the cutting room, shredding room, trucking, mechanics, and office personnel. We are proud of our history and hope to continue with the same hard working and honest ethics the company was built on by Bob Laubscher.

The Laubscher Family: Bob and Ruth Laubscher along with daughters Patty, Gloria, and Connie

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